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Transitional Justice


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Defending the Colombian Peace Agreement through strategic litigation

Dejusticia’s legal support for the upholding of the peace agreement illustrates the vital role of an organized and alert civil society in ensuring the implementation of policy. This oversight role is among the most important functions of civil society in a democratic system.
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From disarmament to inclusive reintegration: lessons from Colombia and El Salvador

Addressing the challenges related to the reintegration of female ex-combatants and adopting a comprehensive approach is crucial to ensure the non-recurrence of conflict.
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Is it impossible to pay reparations? The case of the reparations policy for survivors of sexual violence and victims of the armed conflict in Colombia

This paper provides elements for reflection and analysis on the political economy of reparations by analyzing the Colombian case since 2011, when the policy for victims of the armed conflict was created through Law 1448. 
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Santrich Case

Santrich Case: Dejusticia Defends and Respects the Autonomy and Independence of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP)

In the face of this controversy, Dejusticia calls on the Appeals Section (Sección de Apelaciones) of the JEP to clarify the special rules on evidentiary matters which apply to the guarantee of non-extradition.
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Leaders Assassinated in Colombia: how many are left out of the counts?

This analysis by Dejusticia and the Human Rights Data Analysis Group groups the information compiled by different organizations regarding the homicides of social leaders in the country and concludes, through a statistical method, that the problem has a greater magnitude than what is reported.
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The links between economic power and conflict: a major challenge for the Truth Commission

On Thursday, March 1st, we launched the report "Increasing Accountability: The Role of the Truth Commission in the Disclosure of Corporate Responsibility in the Colombian Armed Conflict." Free entry with prior registration.
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Guide to clarify rumors about the Peace Agreement

In light of the inaccurate impressions, misinterpretations and half-truths that are circulating, we consider it necessary to clarify what the Government and the ex-guerrilla of the FARC-EP really agreed on, and how those commitments are being implemented.
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Comments on the statutory bill to implement the Special Jurisdiction for Peace

Academics and social organizations, including Dejusticia, analyzed the political convenience and the constitutional justification of the project that is being discussed in Congress.
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Dejusticia and GPAZ’s suggestions so that differentiated criminal treatment does not remain on paper

In the Peace Agreement, the Government committed to give up criminal actions and penalties against small farmers and people living in poverty, involved in illicit crops. To date, no law has been approved for this purpose. Here, we outline our proposals.
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