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Transitional Justice


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Peace dialogues and drugs: possibilities in between and beyond prohibition

Las negociaciones del gobierno con las FARC en La Habana abren un espacio para nada despreciable para limitar el impacto negativo del narcotráfico sobre la violencia y la democracia en Colombia, por lo que conviene intentar desarrollar ideas que orienten los debates en este campo. El propósito de este artículo es brindar algunas herramientas teóricas…
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A peace message from South Africa

Prison is not the most direct path toward peace.
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Mistaken interpretations or a misleading message?

About the press releases issued by the Constitutional Court on the decision about the Legal Framework of Peace.
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The statutory law of the peace referendum would be constitutional

A warning In this article we do not refer to the eventual content of the referendum, in other words, the specific proposal that would be submitted to consideration of citizens regarding the peace process. Until now, the proposals that have circulated in media are very general and do not go beyond a simple speculation.
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Ratification: the South African example

Is it possible to overcome the existing polarization over the ratification of an eventual peace agreement? FARC insists on a constitutional assembly, while the government is radically opposed to this option.
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Conflict, protests and peace

Today we are experiencing two concurrent events. First, we are witnessing the negotiations with the guerillas, which have a good possibility of success. Second, we are living through a time of very intense social unrest, as the farmers' strike demonstrated. ¿How do we interpret the simultaneity of these processes?
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Peace framework: pending discussion about prison

The ruling of the Constitutional Court supports the dialogues, however it is not a free pass to get out of prison.
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The Attorney General of the International Criminal Court and the decision on the legal peace framework

Are the communications, sent by the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to the Constitutional Court, really “letter bombs” against the constitutionality of the Legal Framework for Peace?
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The peace framework and the Attorney General’s Office of the Internacional Criminal Court

Some weeks ago news was announced of a true bomb. The news was about two private letters- leaked by media – in which the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court addressed the Constitutional Court, with the intention of making some clarifications about its vision of the Legal Framework for Peace. According to media reports, these letters could become an insurmountable obstacle for the process, given that the arguments made by the Prosecutor questioned the international validity of the peace framework and, therefore they could discredit an eventual decision by the Court supporting the framework.
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