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Transitional Justice


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Letter bombs?

Semana magazine used the term “letter bombs” to refer to two communications that Fatou Bensouda, fiscal of the International Criminal Court, sent to the Constitutional Court. The choice of terms is due to the letters’ possible impact on the imminent decision of the regarding the legal peace framework.
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The farce of public land

Many individuals divided their land in small segments so that their friends and family can claim them from the government, according to the law.
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Legal Peace Framework: the hearing before the Constitutional Court

A radiography of the diverse positions regarding the Legal Peace Framework and the alternatives that the Court has in terms of punishment of authors of atrocious crimes.
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Victims, rights and peace

We have to build a vision of the peace process that respects and is sensitive to victims' rights. But, at the same time, we have to advance toward a vision of victims' rights, which is sensitive to the demands and possibilities of a peace process.
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A newspaper page is enough…

Last Tuesday, President Santos announced that it would reduce the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights´term in our country, with the argument that Colombia "has advanced sufficiently" not to need any "more United Nations human rights offices".
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Political participation and armed conflict

The proposals of political participation of FARC have received harsh criticism. The target has not only been the most controversial and maximalist proposals, such as the call for a constituent assembly or the whole reformation of the state.
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To recover the land to die for it?

The more than 100 rulings on land restitution are a step forward, but threats to complainants and related deaths put this process at risk.
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Peace, law and rights

A peace agreement will be very difficult, almost impossible, if FARC believes that the peace process is merely a political issue without legal limitations.
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