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Intervention in the statutory law of political reform

March 28, 2011

Dejusticia intervened before the Court with regards of the constitutional review of the statutory bill of political reform, specifically in the study of Articles 2, 28 and 47.

We argue that Article 2, which extends the prohibition of belonging to more than two political parties or movements to those without legal status, is constitutional because it is a reasonable measure that does not affect the essential core of the political right to join or withdraw from a political organization. We also support the constitutionality of Article 28 concerning the political participation quota (which states that in the creation of lists for public corporations political parties or movements must have at least 30% of each sex) as it is consistent with the State’ duties regarding the promotion of women’s political participation. We argue that Article 47 is unconstitutional, as it incorporates an unjustified and unequal treatment between voters and abstainers of past elections.

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