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Strengthening Indigenous Rights through truth comissions: A Practitioner’s Resource.

This resource book focuses on truth commissions mandated to look at a period of human rights violations that particularly affected indigenous communities. It is an initial effort to systematically organize lessons learned and make further progress by designing truth processes that are fully compliant with the rights of indigenous peoples.

Cesar Rodriguez and Yukyan Lam contributed with chapter of the book.

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Todo list: proposals for the formulation of public policies on reparations in Colombia

The purpose of this document is to initiate a discussion on mechanisms and policy options on which we could rely for the design and implementation of a restitution massive program. This proposal supports the idea of envisaging ample targets for a land restitution process to be successful. This would enable its coordination with other government measures of land ownership redistribution aimed at the transformation of agrarian relations in the country. Although our proposed program of restitution is not intended as a mechanism designed to achieve other objectives such as land reform or rural income generation, we understand that these three state actions must be intrinsically linked in order to produce transformative effects that allow the optimal development of the restitution process.

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