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Access to justice for women victim of sexual violence.

The Alliance Initiative of Colombian Women for Peace, the Center
Study of Law, Justice, and Society, the Lawyers Collective José Alvear
Restrepo, the Colombian Commission of Jurists, the Consultancy for
Human Rights and Forced Displacement, the Corporation “Casa de la Mujer”,
the Sisma Mujer Corporation, the League of Displaced Women, the Working Group on Women and Armed Conflict, the Democracy, Gender, and Human Rights, and the Women’s Pacific Route, gathered at the follow-up table of the order issued to the Attorney General’s Office and the
invitation to the Prosecutor General’s Office related to the reserved annex of
Auto 092 of 2008 of the Constitutional Court, present the
fourth monitoring report entitled “Access to Justice for Women
victim of sexual violence”. The table has the support from the Office in Colombia of the High Commissioner of the
United Nations for Human Rights and UN Women.

In order to read the report, download the PDF.

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