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Our Impact


Dejusticia is an action-research center for legal and social studies. We came into being to push for an inclusive citizenry, that is, a society in which citizens both feel included and are inclusive; feel empowered to claim their rights and have institutions within which they can do so effectively; understand and are committed to an ideal of inclusive democracy and demand the same from State and private institutions that affect their lives.

Vision & Theory of Change

We believe that empowered communities imbued in a culture of inclusiveness, and stronger, more rights-focused institutions can ignite virtuous cycles of community engagement, policy reform and accountability.

Organizations such as ours can best effect change and foster these virtuous cycles by using our expertise to amplify, enrich, and support individuals’ and community actions to demand their rights, to increase and democratize communities’ and advocates’ access to education about human rights and advocacy strategies, and to make concrete proposals to improve institutions so that they can be more capable of protecting and guaranteeing rights.

In this tenor, we work to:

  • Strengthen the rule of law, so that state institutions can better protect and guarantee the enjoyment of all human rights.
  • Empower vulnerable, marginalized or disadvantaged populations and amplify their voices so that their demands are heard and can drive change.
  • Combat inequality by promoting a human rights focus in economic and social welfare policies, environmental protection, health, and other areas where a lack of attention to individual and communities’ human rights can lead to entrenched inequality.
  • Strengthen the voice and agency of the Global South in global human rights debates, academic production, and agenda setting.

At the center of this practical approach, we aim for a highly ambitious yet, in our view, achievable longer-term and cumulative result: to alter the fundamental ideas that shape how individuals, communities and institutions understand the world, and the degree to which they incorporate social inclusion and human rights in their day to day work. This includes the realms of participation, policy design, advocacy, and evaluation and solution of problems.

As these ideas change, more virtuous cycles of community and citizen engagement and institutional accountability and reform can be activated and sustained.

Coming Soon: Annual Reports

In this section, you will find PDFs of our annual reports.

Photo: Reid Gilman

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