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Photo: Sonny Abesamis

Between Stereotypes: Labor Trajectories for Men and Women in Colombia

This document explores the labor trajectories of men and women. It finds that strategic decisions, as well as formal and informal labor market norms, are based on images, stereotypes and ideas about gender that leads to a division of labor by gender.


In recent years, women have entered the Colombian formal labor market on a massive scale. This phenomenon has been accompanied by the development of a regulatory framework that provides guarantees to enable them to participate in the world of work on equal terms and without discrimination. However, the indicators are consistent in showing that women face worse working conditions. Taking these elements into account, the document explores how men and women are experiencing the labor market. They reveal that both strategic decisions and formal and informal labor market norms are structured on the basis of gender stereotypes and logics, by virtue of which a sexual division of labor is favored. It is maintained and reproduced in spite of the massive insertion of women as an independent labor force, generating specific forms of exclusion in the labor sphere, as well as additional burdens on the part of men who participate in it.

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