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Photo: Sonny Abesamis

Effective Criminal Defense in Latin America

| December 12, 2016

This book analyzes the national and regional standards related to effective criminal defense. It is the result of a joint research project conducted with different organizations including Dejusticia.


During the past two decades most Latin American countries have undergone substantial changes to their criminal justice systems, and in many of those countries the process of reform continues. The majority have adopted new criminal procedure codes, and it has been suggested that, taken together, they represent the most significant reforms in Latin American criminal procedure in nearly two centuries

This document contains the results of a research project, Effective Criminal Defence in Latin America, which was conducted over a two and a half year period commencing in the summer of 2012. It discusses the main issues concerning criminal defence rights for each jurisdiction in the study; (ii) in light of these findings, recommendations designed to improve access to effective criminal defence in practice for each jurisdiction; and (iii) recommendations for the development of international standards on effective criminal defence for the Latin American region.

Find the entire book here

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