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Monitoring report on Resolution 1325 of the United Nations, Colombia 2017

| November 8, 2017

he Sixth Monitoring Report of Resolution 1325 is a monitoring and implementation instrument, produced by Coalition 1325 since 2011. This report becomes important in the framework of the implementation of the Final Agreement between the Colombian Government and the FARC-EP, It follows up on Resolution 1325 and provides tools to assess the application of the gender approach and the participation of women in the implementation of the Agreement.


Currently the 1325 Coalition is made up of women’s organizations and interlinkages between women’s organizations at the national and regional level: the National Conference of Afro-Colombian Organizations (CNOA), National Council of Indigenous Women of Colombia (CONAMIC), Social and Economic Research and Action Corporation (CIASE), Dejusticia, International League of Women for Peace and Freedom (LIMPAL) Colombia and the National Women’s Network.

The organizations that are part of Coalition 1325 produce monitoring reports and influence the urgency and importance of the formulation of the National Action Plan (NAP) of Resolution 1325.

The information contained in the Sixth Monitoring Report corresponds to the analysis of the gender perspective in the implementation of the Agreement and of the ethnic, territorial and human rights approaches of women, as a result of the commitment and constant advocacy work of women and Women’s Organizations prior to the negotiation process in Havana.

The Agreement incorporates cross-cutting issues related to gender in all the agenda items and recognizes the disproportionate effects of the armed conflict on women, their important leadership role and their participation as political actors for prevention and solution of conflicts as well as the construction of a society in peace and democracy.

The Report addresses the importance of mainstreaming specific measures to guarantee equal rights for men and women in the transition to a stable and lasting peace that is also committed to the elimination of all forms of discrimination. The document present advances in the implementation of the Agreement in the Ethnic Chapter, Integral Rural Reform, Political Participation, Solution to the Problem of Illicit Drugs, and the Implementation Framework Plan in the Agreement.

Find the entire book here

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