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Photo: Sonny Abesamis

This research project aims to do a diagnostic about the National Program on Multi-Door Courthoses and make some public policy recommendations that could magnify their virtues and improve access to justice.


The main finding of this book is that Colombian multi-court houses are an important idea to improve the access to justice of the most economically vulnerable people, but it is an unfinished model in the measure that reflection has not been enough so that these houses of justice can truly be understood as a program and not simply as a disjointed set of buildings in which justice services are provided.

Thus, the purpose of this research is to make a diagnosis of the Multi-Door Courthouses Program and to make some public policy recommendations that enhance its virtues and improve access to justice. For this, we review the comparative literature on similar programs that have been implemented in other countries and the studies that have been done in Colombia; we conducted interviews with different people who knew about multi-door courthouses, either because they have studied the program academically or because they have a labor-related relationship with them; and we observed and visited eight courthouses.

Find the entire book here

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