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Photo: Sonny Abesamis

Public Order and Racial Profiling: Afro-Colombian Experiences with the Cali Police

Yukyan Lam | September 24, 2013

This book documents the Police Forces’ treatment of the Afro-Colombian population in Cali.


This book documents the treatment of Afro-descendants in Cali by members of the police who operate in Cali.

This is manifested when retaining or searching people, particularly in selectivity and treatment, both physical and verbal. The book presents in the first part the current legislation, both national and international, regarding the fight against discrimination. As a methodological review, similar studies are presented elsewhere. Finally, the paper focuses on two aspects of the situation in Cali: statistical information on violence and concentration of the Afro population and, on the other hand, the testimonies of the population affected by this problem.

The purpose of this article is to present empirical results of aspects such as “racial labeling”, the physical and symbolic violence exercised on racial issues and the need to take measures to ensure that Colombia complies with the normative parameters that seek to combat racial discrimination.

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