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Reflections on the New Penal Process System. The Challenges for the Colombian Penal Judges

Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes | May 1, 2006

This book compiles six studies whose central idea is that of promoting an accusatory criminal system in Colombia.


Due to the entry into force of the accusatory system in our country, the Administrative Chamber of the Superior Council of the Judiciary and the Judicial School Rodrigo Lara Bonilla convened a group of experts with the purpose of carrying out studies on the most important aspects of this new procedural regime.

Thanks to this effort, six studies were compiled in a text guided by a central idea: the need to forge an accusatory criminal system in Colombia that is compatible with its constitutional foundations. At a time when there were still no pronouncements from the high courts, regarding the scope of the procedural institutions developed in Law 906 of 2004, this document became a valuable working tool for magistrates and criminal judges. It was also the starting point for the necessary training process to be undertaken throughout the country.

The electronic copy of this text is not available.

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