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Photo: Sonny Abesamis

Silence is Not Possible Anymore

The right to communication means the collective enunciation of the message. Actually, we are all message producers, due to our will, technologies and politics. The reader will find in “Silence is not possible anymore” the celebration of communication as part of the political imagination.


In this book, the reader will find:

  • 2 texts needed to think about citizen communication (what is the right to communication and how new networks of communicative action are produced from the local to the global).
  • 14 Colombian experiences on how people have been imagining communication according to their aesthetics, ethics and life projects.
  • 3 processes of citizen media creation: what brings us together as Latin Americans and what we imagine again as social narrators (telling stories from our interests)
  • 1 agenda of the future, one that exercises our right to communication from our own needs, that does not copy formats or aesthetics and seeks the poetic inscribed in being women, young, indigenous, Afro, Caribbean … That different being that is expressed politically from and in the narration of communication.

Find the entire book here

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