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Photo: Sonny Abesamis

Six Cities, Four Countries, One Law: A Comparative Analysis of Educational Politics

This book offers a collection of essays that analyze and compare the educational public politics of Bogotá with those other cities and other countries in Latin America.


This book is based on the idea that public policies should be directed towards the respect, protection and guarantee of human rights. It welcomes the proposal by Katarina Tomasevski, former United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education, that education is a right of all people and an obligation of all States, comprising four components, namely: availability, accessibility, permanence and adaptability. This approach allows us to observe the extent to which the design and implementation of public policies conforms to the postulates of the right to education and what has been its contribution to its effective realization. With these elements, the tests that come together in this volume analyze the educational public policy of Bogotá, comparing it with that of 4 other cities, and a Latin American country. This review not only makes it possible to evaluate the adjustment of these policies to the different components of the right to education, but also to detect good and bad practices that could be implemented and avoided, respectively, by other local governments in the region.

The electronic copy of this book is not available.

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