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The Implementation of the Partial Decriminalization of Abortion in Colombia

Annika Dalén | March 10, 2014

This document identifies some of the biggest obstacles that the partial decriminalization of abortion faces in Colombia.


The voluntary iinterruption of pregnancy (VIP) has been partially decriminalized in Colombia since 2006, through Judgment C-355. This decriminalization had effects not only in the criminal sphere but also in relation to the right to health. In this sense, it generated obligations for the State and rights for women on their sexual and reproductive health. However, despite the fact that seven years have already elapsed since the Constitutional Court ruling, there are still significant barriers to effective guarantee of access to VIP for women in the three non-penalized cases.

The purpose of this document is to identify some of the main obstacles facing the partial decriminalization of abortion in Colombia. The relevance of this identification is that the existence of barriers that hinder or impede the exercise of a right threatens the full exercise of citizenship of the people affected. The document also presents some policy proposals aimed at solving the problems identified.

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