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The Law of Alternative Criminal and Transitional Justice

Catalina Botero Marino | August 30, 2004

p> This text discusses transitional and criminal justice as applied to the demobilization of paramilitaries in the Colombian context.


This text is divided into three parts.  The first briefly describes the process of negotiation with the paramilitary, the reasons that an illegally armed group can exist and the challenges the government faces because of it.  The second part briefly recalls the legal context in which the statutory law is presented to permit by margin of the law, the reincorporation of members of armed groups to civilian life.  By the virtue of the legal code, these members because of their crimes would not be pardoned or granted amnesty; the state is obligated in regard to human rights, and particularly with respect to the fight against impunity, to protect and promote the principles of truth, justice and repair.  Finally the third part is a concrete study of the different dispositions that integrate the bill presented by the Colombian government and the recommendations formulated that address the legal and political context mentioned and which are most important.

The electronic copy of this book is not available.

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