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Photo: Sonny Abesamis

Women, Drug Policy, and Imprisonment: A Guide for Reforming Policy in Colombia

This guide diagnoses the impact of deprivation of liberty on women imprisoned due to drug offenses, and formulates recommendations to mitigate and prevent the disproportionate effects of incarceration.


Drug policy in Colombia has focused its efforts on pursuing and imprisoning the weak links of the drug trafficking chain, people who are mostly poor and occupy positions of vulnerability in society. In Colombia, there is a growing tendency for poor women heads of household and with few resources to study or get formal jobs to get involved in illegal markets, being imprisoned for low-paying and high-risk jobs.

This guide, on the one hand, makes a diagnosis of the situation of women related to drug crimes in Colombia and the impacts of deprivation of freedom on their lives and those of their families and, on the other hand, develops recommendations to mitigate the disproportionate effects of imprisonment and to prevent them from continuing to exist in the future.

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