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New article by our Director on reimagining human rights

Our Director, César Rodríguez, published the article “Reimagining Human Rights” in the Journal of International Law and International Affairs.

One of the most humbling moments of my career as a human rights scholar-practitioner took place in Kibera, the largest shantytown in Nairobi, and one of the largest in the world. I was there along with a group of nearly fifty activists who were participating in a global conference about economic and social rights. During the visit, the religious and social leaders who had invited us explained the hard reality that was evident before our eyes: children suffered from chronic malnutrition; there was no drinking water; there were no public roads; and the inhabitants of Kibera eked out a living in the precarious cardboard and zinc huts that reminded me of those of the Afro-Latin-American communities with whom I have worked on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

To read the rest of the article please see the attached file.

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