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Reparation in the voice of Women from the Regions

The document is a joint construction that reflects the articulation of several organizations working directly with women victims of violence in the context of armed conflict in Colombia. In particular, it collects the work results carried out in the regions by: the Popular Women’s Organization (OFP), the Colombian Women’s Initiative Partnership for Peace (IMP), the Corporation Sisma Women, and Narrating for Living, as operator of the Network of Women in the Montes de María. Dejusticia made the drafting of the document from the inputs provided by these organizations. Its aim is to contribute to the reparation debate in Colombia and, in particular, to emphasize the importance of designing, implementing, and evaluating public policy in the subject with a gender emphasis. This is, recognizing that in the armed conflict there have been forms of violence directed against women and the need to satisfy women’s rights.

Por: DejusticiaMarch 15, 2010

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