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Reparations in Colombia: Analysis and Proposals

The reparation of victims of heinous crimes in Colombia is far from being peaceful. Although there is some legal, social, and political consensus that that these victims must be repaired, there are different positions regarding the content and scope of their right to reparation. It is therefore necessary to advance from the general discourse of reparations to victims, now almost universally accepted in Colombia, to a more specific analysis of the thorny issues. This was why in the field of the master’s degree in law from the “Universidad Nacional”, the Research Group “Studies in theory of law, political theory and constitutional law” decided to develop a research and discussion of the reparation of victims of atrocious crimes, trying to analyze, with an interdisciplinary approach, some of the sensitivities in this area. This book collects some of the results of the investigations conducted by master’s degree students who participated in this project. The articles compiled address diverse and complementary topics. Thus, the introduction presents the common conceptual framework that formed the basis for the individual research of each of the authors. The first part contains conceptual reflections and comparative analysis of reparation policies. The second part includes differential approaches to the repair in order to discuss the challenges of repairing indigenous communities and women. Finally, the third part specifically addresses the reparation for the crime of forced displacement. We hope this book is a good input for those who are interested in these issues.

Aparte de Rodrigo Uprimny que fue el docente investigador de este libro, Aura Patricia Bolívar y Diana Guzmán, ambas miebras de Dejusticia, también participaron en la producción del libro. La primera de ellas fue autora del capítulo número 3 titulado “El derecho a la reparación integral y progaramas de reparación en perspectiva comparada”. Por su parte, Diana escribió el capítulo cuarto titulado “Reparaciones frente a la violencia de género en el marco del conflicto armado”:

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