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Foto/Photo: Francis Danforth

Danilo Rojas (Retired in 2019)

J.D., with graduate specialization in Public-Administrative Law and Legal and Political Institutions at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia; Master’s Degree in Law, also at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Dedicated to public service in several Colombian State institutions, such as the Ministry of the Interior, the Supreme Court, and the State’s Council. He provides human rights consulting to a variety of institutions. Has served as a professor of Constitutional Law and Administrative Law, as Dean of different academic programs, and as editor of the Pensamiento jurí­dico magazine of the Universidad Nacional. Experienced researcher and author of publications on human rights, on the Colombian legal action for emergency protection, called “Acción de tutela” and on the operation of the judicial branch in Colombia. Currently, he’s an inactive Dejusticia member since he was chosen member of the Third Division of the State Council of Colombia.

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