Foto/Photo: Francis Danforth

Diana Rodríguez Franco

Diana Rodríguez Franco is Deputy Director of the Center for Law, Justice, and Society — Dejusticia.

She holds a PhD in Sociology from Northwestern University. She holds a M.A. (Sociology) from Northwestern University, a LLB from the University of Los Andes (Colombia) and a B.A. in Economics. She is the director of the Environmental Justice thematic line at Dejusticia. Her work focuses on environmental democracy, comparative environmental politics, and the political economy of development. In addition, she has carried research on forced displacement, intellectual property, taxes and implementation of judicial sentences.

Her publications include “La paz ambiental: retos y propuestas para el posconflicto” (2016); “Radical Deprivation on Trial: The Impact of Judicial Activism on Socioeconomic Rights in the Global South” (2015); “Internal Wars, Taxation, and State Building” (2016); “Dependency Theory” (2016);“Impuestos, clientelismo y tecnocracia” (2012); and “Globalizing Intellectual Property Rights: The Politics of Law and Public Health” (2012).


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