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Foto/Photo: Francis Danforth

Juan Ramón Navarrete Monasterio


Juan is a Venezuelan lawyer with over 30 years of professional experience working on the defense, promotion, and education of human rights in Latin America and the Caribbean. He has held specialized consultancy positions on topics including access to justice, security, violence, and the development of national-level human rights institutions. He boasts extensive experience designing and implementing human rights and international human rights law training programs for police forces, the Armed Forces, and civil society organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean. He has supported learning processes focused on attention to and reparation for victims of crimes, violence,
and armed conflicts. He has experience with the conceptual and practical development of education programs that promote peace and human rights. His skills include conflict mediation and resolution.

He was the Director of the Department of Public Institutions and the Central America Regional Director of the Inter-American Human Rights Institute.

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