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Foto/Photo: Francis Danforth

Nixa Wguerddy Triana Balaguera

Nixa Triana

Nixa is a lawyer from the National University of Colombia (2020), student of the Specialization in Justice, victims and peacebuilding from the same university, member of a research group at the National University with an emphasis on criminal law.

She was an intern in the Transitional Justice Issue at Dejusticia, judicial intern ProBono of the JEP, intern in the Colectivo Socio Jurídico Orlando Fals Borda. COFB, practitioner at the District Office for Women, aide at the "Jaime Pardo Leal"  and legal office of the National University, with an emphasis on criminal law, gender justice, peace studies, transitional justice, restorative justice, socio-legal research and legal pedagogy.

At Dejusticia, Nixa works in the Peace & Democracy Issue.

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