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Foto/Photo: Francis Danforth

Paulo Ilich Bacca

Paulo is a legal ethnographer with a JD from the National University of Colombia, and a PhD in sociolegal studies from the University of Kent, in the United Kingdom. His research proposes the idea of indigenizing international law, following an anthropological turn in which indigenous cosmologies are directed to the framework of the international legal order. This displacement, highlights the power of indigenous law to counteract international law’s colonial legacies; while at the same time, is transforming and enriching its anthropocentric matrix. His areas of interest include indigenous and afro-descendant peoples’ rights, experimental ethnography, and the rights of nature.

On the ground, he has had the opportunity to interact with indigenous communities of Australia, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, United States, and Peru; and his fieldwork experience in these places, has become a key component of his ethnographically inspired research and its development. At Dejusticia he is the Director of the Ethnic and Racial Justice Area.

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