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Imagine Living in a Meritocracy

Promoting the debate about a fair evaluation of merit should be an important task for the human rights movement since several demands from minority and historically excluded groups, such as access to higher education or affirmative action policies in employment, find opposition in nominally meritocratic arguments.

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The Wiwa People and the Ranchería Dam (Documentary)

In the 2005, the INCODER began the construction of the El Cercado Dam on the Ranchería River. The government issued the construction license for the dam violating the right of the indigenous peoples of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to prior consultation. In this documentary, members of the Wiwa People share how their physic and cultural survival was threatened by the construction and their means of resistance they have developed to challenge the Dam.

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Artículo de Litigio

Challenge to the appointment of three government ministers (Housing, Interior, and Transportation) for violation of the Quotas Law by President Santos.

Dejusticia, Sisma Mujer y la Red Nacional de Mujeres challenged the appointment of the Ministers of Housing, Interior and Transportation, because in nominating men for these positions, President Santos led to a violation of Ley 581 of 2000 (Quotas Law) which requires that at least 30 percent of Ministries are led by women.

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