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Constitutional Court ratifies the right of consumers to access information about sugary drinks’ effects on health

The right of consumers to access the commercial by NGO Educar Consumidores that was censored still stands. The Constitutional Court upheld the T-543 ruling, which had been challenged by the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce. This ruling defends the right of consumers to access information, and the right of the NGO to inform and carry out public health campaigns.

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Executive Summary Decision T-543 of 2017

The Constitutional Court held that the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce censored the organization Educar Consumidores, and it cautioned the Superintendency that henceforth it could not exercise prior control over informational

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Sweet sophisms?

Not adopting a tax on sugary drinks as an initial step for a more comprehensive health strategy is tantamount to saying a few years ago that the seat belt should not be mandatory since the problem of traffic accidents is too complex and requires more comprehensive measures.

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Soda censorship

The Constitutional Court’s decision leaves us a message for current debates about other forms of censorship that the industry deploys. One particularly worrisome is the use or pressure on the media to not transmit pedagogical messages such as those by Educar Consumidores.

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