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Peace and Prison

The magic of prison is to create the illusion of resolving problems, when it simply hides or postpones them. It’s the form of sweeping under the rug our incapacity to deal with our issues: prison for those who discriminate, for drunk drivers, for young people who use drugs.

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Staggering Ignorance

Many of those who oppose any changes to drug policies make such staggering mistakes that it would be funny if it weren’t for their tragic effects. Their ignorance or prejudices perpetuate a policy that is misguided policy and that continues to cause lots of suffering in the world.

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Addicted to Punishment: The disproportionality of drug laws in Latin America

This document describes the disproportionality of the drug-related crimes in seven Latin American countries. Even though they are punishable behavior that does not directly or indirectly harm third parties, studies of drug crime related laws show a regional tendency to increase the use of criminal law

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