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Blog to the Supporters of “Merit Pays”

The programs “Merit Pays” (Spanish “Ser Pilo Paga”) that the national government recently inaugurated has been met with differing reactions. The debate deals with two positions: on one hand, there are those that highlight its benefits: the program promotes the social mobility of a talented group of young people while it also installs greater diversity and inclusion in private universities. On the other hand, there are those who, like us, are not so convinced and argue that the program directs public funds to the private sector instead of strengthening public tertiary education and that it restricts access to university education to an exceptional minority of high school graduates, excluding the majority.

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Scholars and Journalists

It is regrettable that the debate about academic fraud in Colombia has broken out surrounding the case of the scientist Raúl Cuero. But it would be even more regrettable if the debate turned against the researcher Rodrigo Bernal, who did nothing more than what his job demands: to rigorously investigate and publish what he finds (in this case, Cuero’s real record).

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