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Protecting Human Rights on the Ground

During the investigation, the presence of OHCHR completed its first six months in Venezuela, so a consultation with human rights defenders in the country was included to assess this experience. Being the first comparative research in this field, its findings are equally of interest to other audiences beyond Venezuela.

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Artículo de Litigio

Colombia must obtain resources to guarantee the right to health of Venezuelan migrants: Constitutional Court

The high court protected the right to health of two undocumented Venezuelans and requested the government to advance as “expeditiously and effectively as possible” towards the full realization of migrants’ right to health, regardless of their immigration status. Dejusticia intervened in the case.

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Juan Pedro Lares: The freed prisoner that never was

Juan Pedro Lares, a 24-year old Colombian-Venezuelan young man, who was abducted by a hundred civilian-dressed members of the Venezuelan Intelligence, the National Guard, the police, and armed civilian groups from his family’s home in July of last year was finally set free . But a feeling of injustice still lingers.

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The Yukpas: The Indigenous community who migrated to Colombia in search of rice

One of Colombia’s greatest challenges as it relates to Venezuela’s migration crisis is the ethnic group who came from the neighboring country, having fled the crisis and asking to be recognized as binational citizens. They are some 300 people who decry the death of two of their children, the disappearances of some of their members, and the consistent threats they face.

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