Waiting to Advertise: Children and Junk Food

By Valentina Rozo | May 28, 2019

The strategy, then, is simple: companies assure themselves a client for life, without the person even knowing they’re being sold something.

Sentences for drug traffickers from South America’s Pacific

By Dejusticia | May 16, 2019

The harshest sentences are served by transporters who, in most cases, are dispensable actors in the value chain of narco-trafficking, and who are committing the crimes because of the marginalized and impoverished conditions in which they live.



Citizen-led initiatives like #VenezuelaBienvenida (#VenezuelaIsWelcome in English) are reassuring, which calls on the country to get involved in the crisis on the side of human rights, to open channels of conversation, while promoting research and action to avoid the festering social rejection of Venezuelans.

Constituting a black hole

The Constituent Assembly proposed by Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro will consume what remains of democracy in Venezuela. It will also make Maduro a dictator who will control all the powers of the state. The international community must vigorously oppose it.

News About Venezuela

Enlaza museum

Enlaza Venezuela arrives on October 2nd to the Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá

This will be an event that will show attendees the different paths that exist to support organizations that continue to work to transform the situation in Venezuela.
International director

Attention! Job Opportunity at Dejusticia

Dejusticia is seeking a dynamic International Area Director who will both lead and work alongside the team to ensure the efficient functioning of the international area in its multiple tasks.
Venezuela, diplomatic crisis

Leading Human Rights Organizations Support a Democratic, Non-Violent Solution to Venezuela’s Crisis

International Community Must Advance a Democratic, Non-Violent Solution to Venezuela’s Crisis.
Venezuela, ICC, OAS

The ICC Venezuela Referral and the Tumultuous Shift in Latin American Politics

With the rise of right-wing presidents in Latin America, measures like the referral can be abused by such governments to advance their political agendas in the region, thereby delegitimizing the crucial cause of seeking justice for victims in Venezuela as a common goal.
Venezuela, Apatridia, Mujeres

Babies Without a Homeland That the Venezuelan Exodus May Leave in Colombia

More than 8,200 pregnant Venezuelan women have entered the country. Their babies will be born in Colombia, but will not be Colombian. This is our first contribution to #PanasEnColombia, an initiative by the UNHCR, El Tiempo, W Radio and Dejusticia.
Venezuela migration

“Cúcuta: Emergency Exit,” A Special Series at the Frontlines

Dejusticia (Colombia) and Provea (Venezuela) brought together ten journalists from Venezuela and three from Colombia to tell, through seven heartbreaking stories of suffering, sacrifice and hope at the border between the two countries.

Vacillation towards migrants

The situation of Venezuelan migrants is too serious and urgent to equivocate on good faith and sway with the changing political circumstances of each government.

Dejusticia intervenes in defense of Venezuelan migrants’ right to health

The Constitutional Court invited Dejusticia to present their legal opinion on two cases concerning the right to health of people coming from Venezuela.

The Yukpas: The Indigenous community who migrated to Colombia in search of rice

One of Colombia’s greatest challenges as it relates to Venezuela’s migration crisis is the ethnic group who came from the neighboring country, having fled the crisis and asking to be recognized as binational citizens. They are some 300 people who decry the death of two of their children, the disappearances of some of their members, and the consistent threats they face.
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