Waiting to Advertise: Children and Junk Food

By Valentina Rozo | May 28, 2019

The strategy, then, is simple: companies assure themselves a client for life, without the person even knowing they’re being sold something.

Sentences for drug traffickers from South America’s Pacific

By Dejusticia | May 16, 2019

The harshest sentences are served by transporters who, in most cases, are dispensable actors in the value chain of narco-trafficking, and who are committing the crimes because of the marginalized and impoverished conditions in which they live.



Citizen-led initiatives like #VenezuelaBienvenida (#VenezuelaIsWelcome in English) are reassuring, which calls on the country to get involved in the crisis on the side of human rights, to open channels of conversation, while promoting research and action to avoid the festering social rejection of Venezuelans.

Constituting a black hole

The Constituent Assembly proposed by Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro will consume what remains of democracy in Venezuela. It will also make Maduro a dictator who will control all the powers of the state. The international community must vigorously oppose it.

News About Venezuela

The policy of love

In Venezuela, a law was passed imposing harsh penalties for those who promote hatred and fascism. Pretending to eradicate hate and impose love is a typical feature of tyranny.

#VenezuelaBienvenida: Colombian-Venezuelans return to Colombia, a product of the crisis

For decades millions of Colombians crossed the border into Venezuela, fleeing our armed conflict. Now the humanitarian crisis created by the Maduro government is bringing back the children of those migrants. #VenezuelaWelcome is a call to solidarity.

Venezuela: freedom for Juan Pedro Lares

I want to share a story with those who question the gravity of the breakdown of human rights and democracy in Venezuela.

“Today, even Chavistas are persecuted in Venezuela”: Rafael Uzcátegui

The director of the Venezuelan NGO, Provea, visiting Colombia on invitation from Dejustica, speaks about the escape of prosecutor Luisa Ortega and the possibility of a new wave of protests in principal cities around the country.

#VenezuelaBienvenida, a call for solidarity

With this initiative, we want to bring Colombians closer to the stories of the Venezuelans who migrated to our country and the deep economic and humanitarian crisis that Venezuela is experiencing.

A Colombian woman appeals to the government for help locating her son arbitrarily detained in Venezuela

Ramona Rangel reports that on July 30th, the [Venezuelan] Bolivarian Intelligence Service took her 24-year-old son, Juan Pedro Lares, from his home in Venezuela. 11 days later, and still without any updates regarding his whereabouts, Rangel is asking the Colombian Embassy in Venezuela for help with her search.

The migratory wall facing refugees

What is it like to migrate to Colombia and the United States? The stories of Johan and Sonia, two of the 65.6 million people who have been forcibly displaced around the world.

Why Venezuela is a dictatorship

The dismantling of democracy can be incremental, like it was in Venezuela. First, there was the co-option of the courts, then the persecution of the political opposition, and last year, the suspension of regional elections. And now, with the Constituent Assembly, Maduro leapt into the dark.

The forgotten migrants of Venezuela

The lack of memory of Latin Americans explains why the region knows so little, and does less, about the situation of more than one million Venezuelan migrants who have arrived in our countries during the last five years.
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