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Peace Implementation: What’s in the works; what already happened (and what should not go through fast-track)

Visit Dejusticia’s web resource, El tránsito a la Paz (The Road to Peace), and view our featured “Visible Fast Track” section

Por: DejusticiaApril 4, 2017

In Dejusticia’s web resource, El tránsito a la Paz (The Road to Peace), we feature a section called “Visible Fast Track”, where we follow draft legislation that is being processed under Congressional fast-track procedures, legal and Constitutional reform projects that were already approved, law decrees that the President has issued under special authority for the Peace, norms that are under review before the Constitutional Court, and projects that should not be processed under this extraordinary route.

The website El Tránsito a la Paz, or The Road to Peace  is part of our strategy to accompany the process of implementation of the peace. In this website, we aim to explain to the citizenry the development of this phase of implementation, in order to foster transparency, and to increase the interest and the participation of citizens during this complex moment in Colombia. What’s at stake is the construction of a lasting peace in Colombia.



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